The community of members that make up The Muslim Society of North Bay began congregating for major religious occasions in the late 1970's and have now grown to a community whose organization is a source of inspiration to other Religious communities in Northern Ontario . There are currently almost 30 voting members in the association, which when including family members, Students from the two universities in North Bay, visitors to the area and the surrounding community towns in the area translates to approximately 50 individuals.

The membership is comprised of an excellent blend of Moslems from all over the world including African countries like Kenya , South Africa , Egypt , Morocco , and West Africa . Middle Eastern countries like Iran , Iraq , Syria and Asian Countries like India , Pakistan and Bangladesh .

Membership has a deep history of worship, congregation and community service. On the 15th December 2006 was a monumental day in our community having incorporated our association and to be called The Muslim Society of North Bay. This opened our doors to being able to accept charitable donations by giving out tax receipts under the rules and laws of the government of Ontario.

North Bay Mosque ( Masjid) Address: 423 MacPhail St, North Bay, ON P1B5Z1